Dogs Hate Going To The Vet


The vets told me that dogs don’t like when they scratch their belly. However, dog owners are touched by this and begin to stroke your pet. Dogs, according to the vets, just glad that their owner happy. The scientists also added, to never scold your dog if it barks at passers-by.

The animal can misinterpret your emotions and think about what you criticize him not, and the stranger, and therefore start barking even more. Thus, you will only confuse your pet and aggravate the situation. At all, dogs very patient and very loyal to man beings. And they allow their masters much, in including intervention in its own space.

But today we will talk about what some animals did not want to allow the owner to feel or touch his paws. This is all the more surprising, because puppies are still at a very young age teach the command “Give paw”.