Dogs Befriend Wild Otter. Epic Playtime That Ensues Will Make Your Day


The otter had made friends with the dog and now the dog regularly comes to visit to the otter. Let’s see how they play. Sometimes flirt, and then one of them squeaks in pain, so my friend loosened the grip and didn’t let the sharp teeth.

The owners always see this tangle of otters and dogs, but apparently they like this game. And then the otter began to come home. She continues to pay visits, and the dog waits for her every day to stretch your battle in your bones. Otter, another member of the weasel family.

It can be found in almost any part of the world, it is not found only on some Islands, Australia and Antarctica. Otters are very intelligent animals, possessing many skills and abilities to survive in their environment. To survive, animals have a lot to learn, and sometimes to travel great distances.