Dogs Bark Furiously At Bush In Backyard-When G’Ma Sees Why, She Grabs The Kids And Runs


A Florida woman is immensely grateful to the two faithful Pitbull, which now calls “defenders” after they defended her grandchildren from the deadly threat hiding in the grass thickets. The kids escaped death only thanks to the dogs, who also miraculously survived after the collision.

One Sunday summer day grandson and granddaughter women decided to play in the yard of a private house. No one could not imagine what danger lurked in the thickets near the grandchildren. However, by happy coincidence, two pit bull grandmother were in time with the kids and protected them from danger, began to bark furiously at the sight of the threat.

“The dogs were barking and do not allow children to budge,” — says the old woman. Seeing that dogs bark at a snake, hiding in dense thickets of grass, she rushed to the children, grabbed them and in a matter of seconds ran to the house.