Dogs are Acting Strange


To Shelly and her husband, their rescued Yorkies were their children. The proud dog parents did whatever it took for their kids to be happy and healthy.

Unfortunately, owning small dogs means taking them on many trips to the “bathroom.” The Yorkies had to be walked several times a day, but that just wasn’t feasible for their doggy parents.

Because of their jobs, Shelly and her husband weren’t around to constantly take them outside to relieve themselves. The couple quickly looked into hiring a dog walker.

Shelly explained that the dog walker would come around “once a day, around lunch time.” For a few months, everything went well.

It sounded like a foolproof plan… for a while. The 2 dogs seemed to be acting a bit strange and were still having occasional accidents. Things just seemed off, so the couple found a way to track their dog’s behavior.

Shelly and her husband installed a security camera to watch over their doggy children. They wanted to see what the Yorkies were up to when they weren’t home.

They were expecting to see some adorable dog antics but were left with a shocking discovery instead.

The dog walker they hired wasn’t walking their Yorkies. The woman would come into their home every day and take out the dogs’ leashes, then place them on the counter to make it appear as if they had been used.
“We didn’t even think that there was a possibility that she wasn’t walking our dogs,” Shelly said, still in disbelief.

Shelly’s husband confronted the “dog walker” and, surprisingly, she came clean. ABCActionNews tried to get some kind of reason for the deceitful behavior out of the woman, but she declined the on-camera interview with journalist Clifton French.

Although what happened was disappointing, Shelly and her husband learned a lot from this experience.

Their advice to other pet owners looking to hire a dog walker? “Don’t trust anyone,” the couple said. “Set up cameras, ask for activity logs, and pictures. Simply hold anyone you hire accountable.”