Dog With Tumor Is Dumped On The Streets With Her Friend, But They Remain Inseparable


Two dogs were seen wandering the streets together in Los Angeles, one of which had a large tumor on her stomach.

The Good Samaritans who spotted them quickly called Hope For Paws for help.

Volunteers showed up in the hopes of getting these poor pups off the streets. Loreta Frankonyte offered them a piece of cheeseburger to gain their trust, which both of them gladly took.

It’s unknown exactly how long they’ve been on the street for, but they were most likely starving. On top of that, they were covered in hundreds of fleas and ticks.

Many of Hope For Paws’ rescues are not easy ones. They usually include chasing down their strays, trapping them in small places, or using snares to get ahold of them. But this rescue proved to be one of the easier ones.

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