Dog With Severe Facial Deformity Was About To Be Put To Sleep


When Squish was dropped off at Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter in Ohio, he was in bad shape.

At just four-months-old, he suffered from a facial deformity that made it difficult for him to eat.

The local veterinarian, Eileen Heldmann, thought he might have developed it from an infection after being bitten by another dog.

She gave him antibiotics and tried to help him, but as he was having trouble getting enough nutrients, he only grew weaker.

Things seemed hopeless, and a date was set for him to be put to sleep. But Eileen refused to give up on the little pup who loved to wag his tail and give kisses.

Eileen brought Squish to a specialist who X-rayed his head. The results were shocking: Squish had not been bitten, as Eileen has previously thought. Instead, his upper jaw and skull had been badly fractured.

He would need to undergo several extensive operations in order to save his life. But who would pay for the surgeries, and would anyone want to adopt him?

Luckily, around the time that Squish came to the shelter in 2016, a woman named Danielle Boyd had just completed an internship there and she fell hopelessly in love with Squish.

The next morning, Danielle decided she had to adopt Squish, and Eileen agreed to perform the operation.

While he lost some teeth, parts of his eye and upper jaw, he eventually healed and went on to live a happy, healthy life with Danielle.

Instead of being cooped up in a shelter cage, Shelter spends his days snuggling, playing fetch, and playing as any dog should.

And it’s all thanks to two incredible women who refused to give up on him!

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