Dog Was Thrown From Car In Accident


Samantha Orr and her mom Jennifer were out enjoying a peaceful drive along a scenic mountain road west of Pueblo, Colorado. Samantha’s one-year-old Golden Doodle named Bentley was along for the ride in their Jeep. But suddenly, out of nowhere, tragedy struck. Something happened and their vehicle left the road, frighteningly plunging 600 feet down the side.

Sadly, Jennifer, 43, perished in the accident. Samantha, 21, ended up being severely injured. Terrifyingly, her pup Bentley was thrown from the window.

After she was released from the hospital, a sorrowful Samantha returned to the crash site to try and find Bentley while mourning the loss of her mother. Complete strangers even turned out to help Samantha with the search.

A Facebook page named Bring Bentley Home was established where the public was encouraged to post any sightings of Bentley. He was surely traumatized, possibly severely injured, or worse. Nineteen days after the crash, Bentley was finally spotted alive and in bad shape.

Samantha was taken to the site where he was seen and tried desperately to convince him to come to her. He was so scared, malnourished and in need of love and food. Watch the video below and discover what ultimately happened to Bentley.