Dog Was Kicked Around Like a Football


Robin is a tiny dog who feels absolutely alone. And all he needs is love. That had to go through this dog, makes skin crawl. A small but proud dog knew love and human warmth. He was a combat dog who every day fought for life and death. The fact that he managed to survive, more like a miracle.

Even more incredible it seems that now this dog is a favorite pet of a family that finally feels happy. Surprisingly, constant fighting and lack of human warmth did not harden the dog and turned her into a lump of evil. But time heals all wounds. This ending of history can not but rejoice. The dog became for us a kind of symbol of the fact that any difficulties can survive with dignity, and that you should always believe the best and hope for a happy outcome.

Surgery can be done in several stages: preliminary preparation of pet anesthesia and surgery directly, which includes provisioning (incision of the mucosa or skin), surgical manipulation of the body and restore the integrity of disturbed during surgery of internal tissues and skin. First of all this dog needs love. And the story after shows that he found love nonmatter what it was before. People will become his friend. You just have to believe in the great dream.