Dog Waits For Family For A Month After Wildfire


Madison’s owners were gone for a whole month, but the four-footer never lost hope.

The reunion was absolutely heartwarming and emotional, not only for the family but for Madison’s pup sibling Miguel as well.

The two dogs are the best of friends and they can’t live without each other – we can only imagine how happy these pups must’ve been when they were finally reunited.

Even though Andrea’s home was a total loss, she plans to rebuild and is in good spirits.

The most important thing was that they didn’t lose their beloved pup Madison.

“Imagine the loyalty of hanging in in the worst of circumstances and being here waiting,” she said in an interview with ABC 10. “It was so emotional.”

“Reuniting Miguel and Madison was amazing. They said their hellos and then went back to work. Miguel took Guard over the lower part of the property and Madison took the top. It must be such a relief for Madison to have his partner back. I’m sure it makes his job that much easier…. we looked around and still are amazed that both dogs survived.”

Shayla revealed that she was able to use a piece of clothing from Andrea and left it near the property to keep Madison’s hope alive during those tough weeks.

Her post on Facebook was seen by thousands and some of them are even trying to help Andrea and her family by raising funds for their new home. They’re currently residing in an RV park but the costs are extremely high. Everybody now hopes that they can find a more permanent place to stay soon.

Until then, Madison and Miguel are closely guarding and protecting the family property. These well-behaved pups are loyal to the bone!