Dog Tries Lifting Her Head For Her Rescuer


Animal Aid Unlimited got word of a dog who was lying unconscious in a field, so they packed up and set out as soon as possible. When they arrived, they saw the dog with her head in a puddle, and she could hardly even lift it to see who was there. The poor girl needed help in the worst way.

Rescuers carefully picked her up and transported her back to the Animal Aid headquarters where they could properly care for her. The dog was still very much out of it and unable to sit up on her own. They suspected she’d suffered a traumatic brain injury and gave her medicine while also treating the wounds on her face.

A few hours later Angela regained consciousness, but her brain function was still obviously impaired. It was a week later when she took her first wobbly steps. She was still uncoordinated and needed help to stand but was making significant progress.

But it was two months later when the big breakthrough happened. Angela is now as good as new and can do everything on her own once again! It’s amazing to see where she is today considering she didn’t stand a chance out there in that field all alone. Thankfully, Animal Aid came to the rescue!