Dog Tries Everything Possible To Befriend Cat, Gives It One Final Go


Friendship cats and dogs the eternal theme. What is happening between them like that, and another. One of the reasons for this interspecific enmity, according to the same Israeli scientists, is that the body language of cats and dogs – absolutely different. They are real “foreigners” who do not understand each other’s language.

So, for example, the tail wagging the dog – a sign of a friendly mood, but if the cat wags its tail it is annoyed. When a cat arches its back and purrs – he is very happy, but when the back hollow out dog, and even while it roars – animal is to put it mildly, not in the spirit. However, this is hard to believe, but in cases where animals get along well with each other – they adapt to each other’s body language, thereby learning to understand how their roommate thinks, and even learn to speak, as he says… is this Possible?

It turns out that Yes, foreign languages teaching, not only we, but also our animals…when animals learn to speak the language of each other and would accept another species – not as toinstance you have in the house there will be the rare cats-dog world.