Dog Treads Water for 3 Days


Many dogs were just left behind by owners during the Hurricane Harvey. The same happened to this dog. It stayed in Hurricane Harvey tread water for three days before the dog started calling for help. Rescuers heard the dog’s bark and started looking for it. The dog was in waist deep water (4 feet)and had to stay in the backyard that was surrounded by high fence (6 feet).
The dog was rescued from the yard that came her water prison. It was the 3rd day of her captivity. The rescuer lifted the dog and handed her over the fence. When they put the dog on their rescue boat the doggy was “happy as hell”, as the rescuer said. She wagged her tail and when she received can of dog food, she felt as the happiest pooch on earth.
There was a name tag on “Sweetie”. For some reason, her owners just left the poor thing to fend for herself. The survival skills of Sweetie amazed the people who have found her.