Dog Throws A Dramatic Temper Tantrum When Mom Tells Her Its Time To Stop Swimming


In nine cases out of ten dogs don’t like and afraid of swimming. This does not mean that you should refuse this procedure at all, you just need to comply with some rules.

It is very important first bath, how it will be, will depend on how the dog would react to the subsequent bathing – obediently or against resistance before the age of three. The water temperature should be no higher than 35 °C. Washing dogs in the tub is not a swimming pool or pond, so the water should cover the dog’s paws or at least to reach the chest.

The dog slipped in tub and fell, you need to put on the bottom of the rubber pad or rag. The ears must be plugged with a cotton swab soaked in oil, and drip into the eye castor oil to protect them from water and soap. Do not use soap, it is best to use special dog shampoo or shampoo for dry hair.