Dog Terrified Of Being In Shelter Desperately Needs A Loving Home


When the Animal Foundation found Roseanne, she was wandering the streets of Las Vegas alone. The staff there didn’t know how the first three years of her life were but definitely could guess the worst, given her nervousness and fear of nearly everything around her. She is even terrified of the busy environment of the shelter. It increases her stress. So, the staff in the shelter are looking for a loving family that is going to support Roseanne to overcome her fears as soon as possible.

As sweet as she can be on the inside, she is incredibly scared all the time at the shelter, which might be making her show the contrast of her actual behavior. She gets scared of loud noises, sudden movements and new faces, which are regular things to happen in the shelter. She wants to be friends with people and trust them, but her extreme fear forbids her from doing so, which is why a family very passionate is needed for her.

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