Dog Takes Four Bullets To Save Boy From Burglers


There is a reason a dog is called a man’s best friend. A dog is loyal, loving, and brave. He will do whatever it takes to protect his master, even if the cost is his own health. Meet one pet who is the perfect example of these heroic attributes.

Rex is a two-year-old German shepherd who lives with his family in Des Moines, Washington. He was home alone with his 16-year-old owner, Javier Mercado, when something unexpected happened. It was up to Rex to step up and be a hero.

The two were home alone when some burglars broke into the apartment. Javier’s first instinct was to get out of sight. “My nephew hid in the bedroom closet as he frightened, held as hard as he could to his barking dog,” shared Susy Cadena, Javier’s aunt, on the GoFundMe page she created for the pup.

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