Dog Survives In Desert For 65 Days After Car Crash, Is Finally Reunited With Mom


Their efforts finally paid off when they were able to lure Ily with some chicken near the spot of the accident. She had survived for 2 months in the desert by teaming up with another stray, who they named Buddy.

Buddy and Ily survived on water in the puddles, and whatever food they could find. When Ily was found, she had dropped from 55 pounds to 30 pounds. Rose couldn’t believe the news when they told her they had finally found Ily.

What happened next was a very emotional reunion between a mom and her beloved dog. Rose was overwhelmed by the way the community came together for her, as she fought back tears to express just how much it meant to have Ily back in her life.

As for Ily’s friend, Buddy, the rescuers managed to track down her owners too and she’s now back in her own home. We’re so happy Ily and Buddy got back to their families. We hope they’ll keep meeting and remain best friends for life!

Click the video below to watch this incredible story of the desert survivor Ily.