This Dog Spends Most Of His Time At A Bowling Alley, So He Learned To Bowl


Such an unusual attraction for the dog she really likes. Bowling is a great sport, active recreation or just fun. Recently, bowling has really become a popular pastime and recreation around the world.

Every person, at least once in his life, should try bowling to “touch”, and experienced the pleasure, more than once again and again want to enjoy the next party! Over its history, bowling has gone through many controversial stages. For example, a long period in Germany, the game was part of a religious rite, and pins identified pagan gods. It was believed that the more pins you will knock the man, the purer his soul, and motives, the better his human qualities.

There were also periods when bowling was considered a gamble and a vicious game. People were playing for money, betting. And since the Church assured that it was passion that gave rise to banditry and fraud, the game was forbidden.