Dog Sneakily Steals Food During Live TV Interview


This dog is very resourceful! It sees an opportunity to get a delicious snack and use it! The dog knows that it does the wrong thing, but the smell is so tasty. It just can’t resist the temptation to do so. This is a very hilarious footage!
A smart pooch realized that the best time to get what it wants is when people are too busy with something else. And they do! The woman which is a street vendor selling empanadas is giving an interview to TV reporter. The dog hopes that nobody will see what it is doing. People are just talking but the doggy does not know that millions of TV viewers turn into witnesses of dog’s crime. Animal stealthily approaches her stand and starts stealing some food. Keep an eye on the bottom right of the screen… what a smart little thief!

Original video:

the doggy has a guilty look at that!