Dog Showed Up At Woman’s House – With A Note On His Collar


This dog every day went to her house and went to bed. But it wasn’t like a stray! One day a woman came to the dog. It was a good collar, and she was pretty well-groomed and well-fed. So the woman thought that the dog is clearly not a stray. He is not afraid went to someone’s house and lay down on the floor, curled up. The dog slept a couple of hours and then was gone as quickly as it appeared.

The next day history repeated itself. It lasted a week – the dog came, slept and left. The woman could not understand what was happening. And then she decided to write a note to dog owners where asked if they know that their favorite visits to it, like in a hotel. The woman attached it to the collar and was looking forward to the next day. When she saw that the dog returned with a second note, she eagerly unfolded it and began to read. And here is, finally, learned truth.

The reason for the visits of the dog were so funny and unexpected that the woman could not stop laughing. The note was the following: “I’m Sorry if it makes you uncomfortable. Just the dog lives in the house with 6 children, and two of them are under three years old. To you he comes, to modicum a bit night’s sleep. Can I come with him tomorrow too?”. Well, let’s hope this story will have a happy end after all.