Dog With Severely Broken Legs Dropped Off at the Vet. Her Owners Never Came Back for Her


This dog needs surgery, and then it will be able to walk fully as long as it moves only with the help of the hostess. Modern owners often treat their four-legged Pets as full members of the family.

Worry about the same and sometimes more than me — after all, dogs, cats and other Pets can’t tell that they have pain or what’s bothering them. Unfortunately, sometimes there are situations when an animal gets injured, fractures.

Often, owners neglect to care for the animal: it becomes, in most cases, the cause of the fall of the cats from balconies or Windows, are not protected by the mesh, as well as getting dogs under the wheels of cars and in the hands of hunters. According to statistics, every second animal released for independent walks, sooner or later does not return home, and most often the cause of this are injuries.