Dog Sees Cat Drowning, Jumps In To Save Its Life


They are supposed to be mortal enemies. Well, at that’s what cartoons have told us.

But in real life, it simply isn’t true.

The myth that cats and dogs don’t get along is just that… a myth.

There’s plenty of videos on the internet to prove that cats and dogs can be friends.

But this video goes above and beyond that.

Not only does it show a cat and dog getting along, but it shows a dog laying his life down for a cat.

The video shows a dog diving into a pool of water to save a cat’s life.

A woman from Turkey posted the video which appears to show a cat who has got himself into a little trouble.

It starts with a terrified-looking who is flailing around in what appears to be a koi pond.

The cat may have been trying to eat for fish for dinner and failed majorly.

Either way, a dog spots the cat clinging to some sort of structure in the pond for dear life.

Suddenly the dog becomes frantic pacing back and forth trying to figure out how he can help the kitty.

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