Dog’s Abandoned At the Shelter Twice


Lady is an aging dog that was abandoned by her family at the shelter. She remained true to her family and ran away from the shelter to return home. The family sent her to shelter again and abandoned her the second time. They were not impressed that dog managed to walk staggering 30 miles to return home. This made the doggy devastated. It seems to me that doggy has a fairy godmother who watched all this and decided to interfere. This story resembles the fairy tale of Cinderella. Doggy who was a senior lab mix did not expect much from life. He chances to be adopted were very slim. But one should never give up.
A woman noticed the dog and decided to rescue it. This was Helen Rich, who inherited the Wrigley’s Chewing Gum fortune. She lives in a huge mansion in Florida and owns many pampered dogs. She asked her staff to bring Lady home and sent an airplane to take the doggy from shelter. The most touching part was when Lady looked through the airplane window at her new home. She will definitely enjoy life on the 130 acre farm, where she can make many new friends. The story and her journey from rags to riches is really amazing.
If you have enough space and financial opportunities, follow the example of Helen Rich. All should have home and loving environment!