When this Dog Was Rescued from a Puppy Mill He Could Hardly Walk – Then He Surprised Everyone!


Daniel, who could not walk, miraculously rescued from a dog farm. Each dog has its own story. We know the end awaits the millions of dogs in South Korea, where these animals are tortured and incomprehensible agony to the last breath.

Dog’s life takes place in a dark dirty cages on farms “dog meat” – the true hell, where animals learn the full measure of injustice and human cruelty. This dog hell. Neglected, filthy cell – where the animals sit waiting for their fate, where puppies are separated from their mothers and where they will have the same, full of indescribable agony, the final.

It is now the focus of grief, it is steeped in suffering. Here day after day, year after year, animals are deprived of life. Cruelty and barbarism are the rule, no mercy, all systematically and inhuman.