Dog Rescued From Shelter Is World’s First Ice-Skating Dog


Meet the world’s first ice-skating dog – a sweet Labrador Retriever named Benny, who was rescued as a puppy from euthanasia.

Benny has been learning to skate for a year after his human, former skating coach Cheryl Del Sangro, took him along to a practice on a whim. She has a friend who suggested they make a fan video for Vegas Golden Knights, the NHL team that made it to the Stanley Cup.

They shot a video of Benny running on the ice carrying a hockey stick and puck, but not really skating.

Then Del Sangro thought maybe Benny would like to really skate and made him a pair of skates. After some agility training, Benny was carefully taken onto the rink. He took to the ice and his skates quite quickly.

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