Dog Rescued After Spending Entire Week Floating On Couch


The effects of Hurricane Florence have been disastrous, to say the least, and even weeks after the hurricane made landfall, there’s still plenty of chaos everywhere.

This small and adorable pup has definitely been through a lot, as he was trapped in his home during the storm while the owners already evacuated.

As the water started to rise, a tiny Maltese named Soshe had nowhere to go.

The house started to fill with water and it didn’t take long before the whole place was completely flooded. The water level started to rise higher and higher, and the furniture quickly began to float.

Soshe managed to crawl on top of one of the couches and wandered around in the living room of the house. The pup dangerously floated above the water and had very little room to maneuver, and it’s a miracle that he managed to stay on the couch for so long.

Luckily, Soshe’s owner made a phone call as quickly as possible to let the authorities know that the pup was still trapped inside.

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