Dog Parents Everywhere Are Disappearing – Dogs Wonder What the Fluff?


What in the actual fluff is happening and where did my dog parent go? Those are the thoughts that millions of dogs are pondering as the viral sensation #WhatTheFluffChallenge takes the Internet by storm. It’s a doggy version of “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” as millions of dog owners are attempting to magically ‘disappear’ in front of their dog’s eyes.

This viral challenge involves your dog and a blanket. It’s easy to play and fun to share with dog-loving friends on social media. Dogs remained seated while the owner holds a blanket in front of them. The owner lifts and lowers it one or two times, then on the third try they drop the blanket and ‘disappear.’ Hilarity ensues, as dogs are caught on camera reacting in a variety of ways.

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