Dog Never Met A Baby Before


Just about everyone who lives on our planet Earth loves dogs. While there are certainly those few people who think dogs make beastly pets, the vast majority of us have looked a dog in the eyes and felt that undeniable love and affection.

And while dogs certainly love humans more than anything else in the world, the adorable little video below proves that they seem to love tiny and soft baby animals just as much as humans do!

While humans know not to hurt little defenseless creatures, it often comes as a bit of a surprise when we see an animal holding back on what we would expect its instincts to be. A lot of people would expect this beautiful golden Labrador to hurt this tiny baby bunny, but Meg the dog shows just how gentle our furry animal friends can actually be!

Meg sniffs this baby bunny with absolutely no interest in hurting her. Even when the baby bunny is ferociously hopping at her, Meg keeps calm and makes sure there is no possible way that this bunny can get hurt.

Dogs are certainly special animals; we’ve shared our existence with them for more years than we haven’t, we’ve grown up together since the beginning of time, and they’re one of the few animals that can correctly read what are faces are saying.

So for a dog to fall in love with something cute and cuddly isn’t that crazy at all. In fact, it’s something that all of us should fully come to expect!

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