Dog Meets Her ‘Twin’ On The Street And Convinces Mom To Bring Him Home


With a rescue dog and two elderly cats at home to take care of, Bethany was not exactly searching for another rescue dog to bring back to her residence. Sometimes, dogs find us, though. This is the story of a meeting between her young rescue dog (who is named Rogue) and their new pal. This meeting would forever change Bethany’s outlook on the matter.

Initially, she was worried about the prospect of trying to find a place to live when she had two cats, two dogs and two humans to consider. The average landlord is not exactly looking for these sorts of people to rent to. A trip to the local farmer’s market is all is took to change her mind for good, though. As it turns out, Rogue was able to find a twin.

A quick look at the two dogs shows that it is essentially impossible to figure out who is actually who. Beast was eight months old when Rogue and his mother found him. They knew that they would have to bring him home as soon as they could. Bethany called her significant other Tyson and let him know that they had found another baby to care for.

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