Dog Makes A Mess At Home


When we begin to describe dogs they seem to be ideal. But any dog has weaknesses being naughty at times. Even the most fearless dogs are afraid to admit it after they did something wrong. They desperately look for the way out in such cases and sometimes even find it avoiding the punishment. This Bull Mastiff understands that he got into a mess literally. They had much fun with his girl-friend and now they have to answer for it. But doggy does not want to be responsible for mess therefore when owner looks for the one who is to blame for it, he immediately points at other pooch. Strict voice of his mom is very scaring.
The little doggy is covered with bits of toilet paper but the owner does not know who the culprit is. She asks the Frenchie about it and she is silent but when the same question was addressed to Bull Mastiff he immediately answered!