Dog Left At A Shelter Always Cries Herself To Sleep


Chihuahua in a shelter continued to cry, despite the warm sweater. Very nice miniature dog, the care of which can be entrusted even to a six-year-old child. Lives this charming, baby, on average, about sixteen years old and its size is perfect for keeping on a small area of the apartment.

These babies just love to warm themselves in the sun, and sleep this dog prefers in a warm place with the owner. The original home of this little girl is considered to be Mexico was dominated by small hairless dog, which subsequently happened Chihuahua. From the name of the Mexican state and got the name of this cute dog. Small in size, this dog can give odds to any fighting dog with its confidence and bravery.

Due to its inherent temperament, it can be aggressive when dealing with other dogs, although it is friendly and can be very attached to one family member. Most likely, she will choose the one who gives her more time.