Dog Jumps Up To Piano And Starts To Play, Mom’s Left In Stitches At Her Priceless Performance


Anyone who loves music definitely gets a kick out of listening to the newest and latest stuff. That’s how we find the next superstar. It can be a lot of fun to pass along the stuff you find to your music loving friends as well. Even the most seasoned music veteran can still be surprised by their findings, though. Take the newest musical prodigy in this story, for instance.

Sadie might be a dog but she can play the piano like nobody’s business. There is no law that says every musical prodigy has to be a human being. Sadie has got star quality written all over her. Her stage presence is off the charts. She was adopted from a local shelter a few years back and has become a beloved member of the family since her arrival.

She loves to spend time with her people. Sadie also spends her days learning all sorts of new skills and tricks. Recently, she has taken a shine to the piano. The Edmonton home where she resides has been the setting for some awesome performances. Now, Sadie’s family is sharing them with the rest of us. She is able to climb onto the stool and turn the electric organ on without any assistance.

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