Dog Hears Farmer’s Whistle Coming From Field With Laugh-Out-Loud Scene Quickly Unfolding


Have you heard of a lurcher? It’s a breed of dog that not many people know about. A lurcher is the offspring of a sighthound mated with another breed, usually a terrier type of dog. They typically are used as hunting dogs and pest control, even for hare coursing.

They also are zippity quick participants in dog racing. Megan the Lurcher is a speedy girl, but she happens to do something incredibly odd that’s drawing laughs from everyone around the world.

In the video below, Megan and her best buddy Molly, a smaller Jack Russell, are out and about on the farm. It’s a gorgeous sunny day and the two are taking a pleasant stroll down a grassy path alongside a field of tall crops. Molly starts biting the tall grass, then the two of them hear a whistle and they take off! As they cut through the tall grass, all you can see is the lurcher’s tail and nothing else.

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