Dog Gets Nervous Every Time His Daddy Drives


Some things make us nervous and this thing is individual. One person can be irritated by one thing, while the other person by the other. No matter what it is, we need to learn to cope with these challenges. All have their own ways of coping with stress – something that comforts us and helps get through it. Coping mechanisms, which are certain rituals as a rule, help us to get rid of this nervousness.
This spaniel mix named Tommy is very nervous when he goes with his dad by car. One can even say that doggy is terrified when driving. However, his owner Adam knows how to calm down the doggy. He holds his paw and this consoles the dog. This is not very convenient to drive with one hand but the dog is very nervous and dad has to take measures to soothe the dog.
The dog is panicking when man has to use his both friends.