Dog Gets A New Puppy Sibling


This dog is absolutely happy. The owners of Christmas brought home a puppy. So, come true, you take the dog! Already chosen puppy and in the coming days he will emerge in your house. It remains to prepare for his arrival.

To do this, you need to buy bedding, bowls, diapers, toys, leash, harness, collar and food, as well as the necessary hygiene products. And another important detail: if you have slippery floors, where to run puppy, you need to lay a carpet or other non-slip coating. This will help prevent injuries and promote the proper formation of a musculoskeletal system of a puppy during its growth.

Instead of teeth, it is better to use rubber or latex toys, rope ropes — that is, those that do not spoil the formation of bite. Don’t forget about the balls and pullers — those toys that you have to play together, establishing contact with the dog.