Dog Frozen In Fear Won’t Leave Corner Of Shelter Kennel, Vet Figures Out Why


It’s not uncommon for dogs to be anxious when they arrive at a shelter. For some, they’ve come from horrible conditions and the transition is a bit of a shock. For others, they might be scared and confused. But for June, a Black Labrador in North Carolina, it was a totally different story.

June was dumped at this shelter. One moment she was going on a fun ride with her owner, the next she was abandoned, surrounded by cold hard floors, empty walls, and strange animals.

Scared, lonely, and confused, she would cower in the corner, terrified stiff facing only the wall. Clearly, this is unusual behavior, even for the most anxious dog. So, when Tammy Graves, the founder of pet rescue organization The Haley Graves Foundation, saw her there, she knew something was terribly wrong.

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