Dog Freezes In Tracks For Three Minutes


Dogs do the funniest things and make us laugh so very much. One such dog is Ellie, the Irish Setter-Golden Retriever mix, who lives in Oregon. Her dad, Dustin Dalen, had her out for a walk when she suddenly froze in her tracks.

As if time stopped, Ellie stopped walking and she simply stood and stared. What ever could be in Ellie’s eyesight that would cause her to come to a complete halt?

Her doggie instincts kicked in, and her paw was raised in the air to point at whatever it was. Not only that, but the bushes started to move!

Lo and behold, towards the end of the video, Ellie’s dad shows us what has his doggo’s utmost attention. It’s a cat! A real live kitty who is not too happy to see Ellie staring her way!

Can you imagine freezing in place for close for several minutes? Talk about focus and dedication! See for yourself when dog meets cat in this popular video below.