Dog found swimming for 3 hours in the middle of the ocean saved by a couple


A small Jack Russel Terrier was found and rescued off the Gulf of Mexico after swimming for three hours with a life vest for support. Two couples going on a traditional birthday celebration on the water ended up finding this small dog while five miles off the Gulf of Mexico, originally thinking he was simply a buoy at first sight. Around the same time that the couples recognized him as a live animal, he started swimming toward their boat.

The group helped the dog into their boat and called the coast guard, finding that the dog’s owner reported him as going overboard nearly three hours before. Upon taking the dog to the nearest coast guard station, they were able to reunite him with his desperate owner. The owner professed to have searched for his dog for quite a while, but had to return to shore and report to the coast guard when he couldn’t find any sign of him in the ocean. But everyone agrees finding and helping the dog was a miracle, and he would not have made it without his life vest.