Dog Found in Dirty House Is Weak to Stand


Violet started her life in the most cruel way. She was thrown away like she’s nothing.

She was living, alone and scared, in an abandoned house in Louisiana. Thankfully, The Humane Society knew about her and rushed in to her rescue.

She had nothing to survive, no water and no food. She was so exhausted and fragile that she could barely get up on the floor.

Losing almost all of her fur, Violet’s body was full of open wounds. But what breaks more our hearts is that she wasn’t the only dog found in the house.

The moment they were discovered, they were all taken right away to the hospital and given the necessary treatments.

After several days and a lot of love and care, Violet finally looks like a completely different dog. And it didn’t take her a long time to be ready for adoption.

And not too long for a loving family to take notice of her and take her home. Now, she’s growing up by their side and living the happy life she deserves.

Words are not enough to thank the Humane Society for saving and caring for these poor animals. Unfortunately, we’re living in a world where many people wouldn’t care a bit for these beautiful creatures, but watching these heartwarming rescues gives up hope and faith in humanity..

However, these organizations need our help to give more of these poor animals a good chance in life. We have to do everything possible to save them, they’re helpless without us.