Dog Forgotten And Ignored, Chained Up, After Owner Passes


Sometimes in life, you just need a little break to give help where it’s needed, in this case, two things needed to happen, for these sick and abandoned dogs to be noticed…
The first of these things was an alarm, there was a renovation going on to a house in Little Haiti, Miami, one workman by accident set off the house alarm.

As the house alarm was sounding the second thing happened, this American bulldog called Frances got up on the landing of the next house along, one of the builders, Claire Morera, thankfully saw her!

Claire went to check the dog, she looked in a terrible state and of course abandoned, she hadn’t been eating properly either and was really thin!

The poor girl was covered in ticks and had a really bad infection in both eyes too, being tied up to the landing with a heavy-duty chain she could get out of her predicament either!

Claire took some photos of Frances and put them on to her Facebook, she tagged the local dog rescue called ‘100+ Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida’, that’s how a volunteer called Jan Stenger, came into the situation.

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