Dog forced to live in a rust box


This dog lived in a small cage before. Poor fur baby could barely move in it. Pay attention to her rear legs, which were not developed in a right way because of the conditions she was kept in. Her function was to be a living alarm – so sad that people made her suffer long just for the sake of their property.
As you see, doggy named Liszka is very sweet. It fills my heart with sadness that she has to overcome this. Fortunately, the rescuers came to save the dog. When they tried to get her out, she was very scared – she started growling and barking.
She moves in a strange way because of the tight cage she was kept in but still feels very happy. She loves her new conditions and the opportunity to walk on grass at any time when she wants. The dog lost all interest to life. Now it revived again. The dog learnt that people can be kind as well. She learns to trust them again.