Dog finds cat sleeping in his bed


Lovers of cats and dogs are divided into two camps: someone let their Pets on the bed, while others respond aggressively, not allowing animals to climb on the bed. Who’s right? Let’s deal.

There is scientific evidence that sharing your life with an animal should at least in order to increase the duration of your life. And the best way to get close to your pet is to cuddle with him at night. There is also evidence, that the brain unconsciously exudes peaceful waves of even in dream, which capable influence positively on the brain your beloved pet.

Disturbed sleep and insomnia – this is another “bonus” that can be obtained from sleeping together in bed with a pet. In the study of American scientists attention was not deprived cats. Behaviorist veterinary specialty, Dr. Lynn Seibert, says that the most common problem with sleeping with cats – that these animals do not sleep all night.