Dog Finally Gets Adopted After Waiting 7 Years In A Shelter, And She Couldn’t Be Happier


Senior dogs have so much love to give and deserve to live the rest of their lives in a home. Thousands of senior dogs and cats are hoping for forever homes to spend their golden years. Most people pass them by because of their age, but they are missing out on amazing dogs.

Pirate was at the Oahu SPCA in Hawaii for seven long years. No one ever inquired about her and the staff thought she would spend the rest of her life there. People would come in and say, “Oh, that’s so sad, she’s lived her for so long,” but that is as far as it would go. Pirate was about to give up hope when a woman appeared that would change her life.

Jennifer and her husband, both in the military, were stationed in Hawaii. Since they just arrived, they were looking for a home and talked about a dog, but decided to wait. Jennifer starting to look up some local shelters where she could volunteer.

She was on their website, when her curiosity took over and led her to the available dogs page. “You know, I’m just going to look at the dogs they have,” she told The Dodo.

Most of the dogs were young or middle aged, but then she saw Pirate. She instantly felt connected to the old dog and fell in love with her ears. “She just started winning my heart over.” The next day she went to go meet Pirate.

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