Dog Falls Off Boat Into The Pacific Ocean – Then Rescues Find ‘Her’ 5 Weeks Later


It is a watchdog, lost in ocean, there is at least through 5 weeks. More recently, this dog with unusual eyes was presumed dead at sea. But here he was, alive and healthy, waiting for the meeting with his master, a fisherman Nick Hamorton from California.

The dog’s name is Luna, she’s a year and a half. Luna is a cross between a German shepherd and husky. Happened with her story reminds action film. The moon fell out of the boat February 10, when her owner Nick was fishing off the California coast.

This happened about 3 kilometers from the island of San Clement, which belongs to the us Navy. Nick was trying to find a dog for two days, appealed for help to the military. Those looking for another week, but found nothing.