Dog Easily Hypnotizes11 People on Chinese TV Show Leaving Judge and audience in Shock


A middle aged woman led a German Spitz Canine to hypnotize eleven people in a TV show known as challenge impossible. The dog used its eyes to make people go to sleep. This became as a shock to all the guest invited to the TV show.At first most people seemed not to believe until eleven people were hypnotized by the dog. In rare cases do animals put to sleep but this little dog confirmed it is very possible for such a thing to happen. Some people never believed how true this act could have been.The little dog seemed to be very calm and focused on its act. It had a very rare gift in both humans and animals. Everyone present in the show was very shocked on how possible this could have been. Different facial reactions were showing this was a rare case. The video showed a possibility of animals being gifted in different ways and how they could express them.