Dog Dumped at Shelter for Being too Depressed, Watches Family Adopt a Happier Puppy


Video features a family who lived through a tragedy. When one dog passes away, the other pup was very sad. This was a German Shepperd and he was very depressed after loss of his friend. The members of the family feel that they can’t help the pup and … put him up for adoption. As they said, this was the best thing to do. The family visits the shelter and explains the situation.

The staff shelter decides to take in the dog. They give promise to find a good home for the dog, where he will be loved and cared. The doggy will get the support he so desperately needs. The family parts with the dog and goes home. However, in several days the same people appeared at the shelter again. They returned to the shelter but were not going to take their pup. This time they wanted another “happier” dog. All were shocked to hear that.