Dog Cries Every Time He’s Touched — Until He Meets This Woman


Recently, the network appeared piercing video with an unhappy dog, which was first stroked, shot at the Romanian shelter Breasta-Craiova. The dog could not understand that its not going to hurt, so clogged in a corner and desperately screaming.

After some time she begins to trust and cuddles up to the man. The story does not end there and we can see the continuation! After all the suffering Priscilla (the so-called dog) has found a family and learned what it means to be loved.

In the final shots of the video the dog looks happy! A dog named Priscilla who lives in Romania, spent her life beaten by the owner. See how the creature behaves that did not know affection. Heartbreaking video: dog gets a portion of affection for the first time in her life.