Dog Can’t Find Her Way Home For 6 Days


Our dogs mean so much to us. When something happens to them, it’s absolutely devastating! Sadly, circumstances around us cause bad things to happen– but it’s our job to make sure our loved ones are protected. Our furry loved ones especially!

Xian-Mao was with her owner at the market. They go to the market together every week. But one day was unlike the rest. Someone set off fireworks nearby and spooked Xian-Mao. The little dog took off running in the opposite direction.

Xian-Mao was completely lost. Her quick actions to flee the scene caused her to be in a place she didn’t recognize. She couldn’t find her way home.

After 6 days all alone, Xian-Mao was able to find her way to her owner’s friend’s house. The smart dog finally recognized her surroundings. Because her owner’s friends were all on high alert, they quickly ran to Xian-Mao and then called her dad up. He came as fast as he could!

The little dog finally sees her dad and it’s like a real child seeing their parent for the first time in a week. Xian-Mao cries! The way she carries on is proof of her love for her human.

We are so glad Xian-Mao and her dad are back together again but please, keep your pups on a leash no matter how well they walk off leash. We would hate for this to happen to you!