Dog Befriends Soldiers


Soldiers serve our nation all over the world, they usually make a lot of local friends. Most are human but in this case the soldiers ended up becoming friends with the local dogs too!

While serving in Iraq, medevac pilot Nick Pierzchalsk met a little 1 year old shepherd stray who randomly walked up and wanted to play. Nick and his crew decided to name her Airys they quickly fell under her spell. She was a huge morale booster especially in a war zone.

They fed Airys every day and even built her a place inside the hanger of the plane. She quickly became part of the crew. Nick returned home shortly after and his crew kept insisting that he take Airys home with him and adopt her.

Nick knew Airys fate if he left her behind. He loved the dog and wanted to give her a life filled with green grass, treats and maybe even chasing a few squirrels.

With the help of SPCA International, Nick managed to get Airys flown all the way over to the USA where he was waiting for her. Their amazing reunion at the Tampa International Airport was covered live by Fox 13 News.

The video captures the moment Airys sees Nick. She starts wagging her tail. Isn’t it amazing how after a few months apart Airys still recognized her dear friend. Our eyes were welling up with tears when Airys left out the little whimper of happiness.

The amazing moment can be seen in this video