Dog Becomes Foster Mom to Nearly 100 Kittens After She Lost Her Best Cat Friend


“The dog cares for kittens,” said the owner. “He gets very upset when he hears them crying. He wants everyone to be happy!” In the town of Kentucky stray cat give birth right on the porch of one of the houses.

Then came a strong wind, and the temperature dropped quite rapidly. Probably due to such severe weather changes, the cat abandoned her kittens and left. It all started with the fact that the dog became a mother to two kittens found in a dumpster by her owner.

According to her, kittens when will grow up, will give in good hands, and for a dog look for new owners. – The dog nailed it a few months ago. Home owner can not take it, because there is their Pets. And to leave in the winter a dog at the dacha it is simply dangerous, – the journalist told.