Dog Became Family with 2 One-eyed Cats – Now They Foster Kittens Together.


Most of his life, boxer Susie was surrounded by foster kittens. Mistress Susie Kelly Hartman helps local shelters and often brings home a tiny kitten. 7 – year-old Susie takes care of each of them as if they were her own puppies.

“Kittens pretty comfortable with her. I had a kitten who loved her more than me!” But, in the end, the kittens find homes and are gone forever. So Hartman decided that one of them should stay – a one-eyed cat named Kushi. When Kushicame to Hartman’s house over a year ago, one of his eyes was badly infected and had to be removed.

The little one-eyed cat got along with big Susie, and Hartman quickly fell in love with him. When it came time for the cat to return to the shelter to find a home, Hartman could not stop thinking about it.